when ur burnt from smoking a lot of herb.
dman bro, those blunts got me toasted.
by doho March 20, 2005
After something has been exterminated in the case of an unanimated object but for an animated object something that "is toast" has been beaten severely.
Knowing that something will be beaten severely or marred: "Man, he shouldn't touch his girlfriend like that or he is toast!"
by Stylux February 24, 2005
Someone who smokes too much weed.
That boy is toast!
by kreecher August 16, 2003
1. Guns
2. Something/Someone, or an event getting fucked up or ending.
" Like when the cops come you never hide your toast " GhostFace Killah's "One"

" Dam, my career is toast. "
by GhostFace_Chigga November 10, 2006
1. A caucasian person who has turned pink due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
2. Something that is doomed to failure, destruction, etc...
1. "Hey, Toast! Going surfing again?"
2. "You were caught cheating on your math test? Oh man, your toast!"
by nikkan_hanil May 04, 2005

A thread on a forum that has become doomed due to excessive spam, flaming, or general idiocy. Unlike spam, toast referst to an entire thread, rather than an individual post or series of posts.
I had a good thread going but then some jackoff started flaming and now it's toast.
by El Fredo March 07, 2005
Gun, projectile weapon
We gon ride up wit tha toast and just bust slugs.
by Verock February 28, 2005

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