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To attack with enthusiasm and ferocity, most often used when speaking of alcoholic beverages "SHOTS TO THE FACE!" but can be applied to other circumstances, see below:
Jagerbombs to the face!  Funnel to the face!  Late night pizza to the face!  Motorboat to the face!   Newport to the face! (vacation)  Fenway to the face! (sporting event)
This can also be communicated as the acronym "TTF" or "2TF"
by Darb2TF August 31, 2012
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To smoke either a joint OR a blunt entirely to oneself, in one sitting. Similar to to the dome but applicable only with weed, man.
Crazy Ian smoked that joint to the face. He was hella blazed.
by Hans Moleman January 14, 2004
To consume something very quickly, or to consume all of something in a short amount of time. Most commonly used when referring to an alcoholic drink, or some other kind of drug. But even water can be taken to the face.
Take it to the face!

The phrase Takin' to the face can be sung to the tune of the dooby brothers song "Takin' it to the streets"
by Baba Nace June 29, 2006
to smoke weed by yourself!!
"yo my nigga, i juss burned 5 blizzes to the face."

"nice, you got anymore?"

"yea but ima take dat to the face too!"

by an0nym0uS617 September 19, 2008
when smoking the tree (marijuana), smoking copious amounts by oneself, in order to get incredibly high incredibly fast.

I smoked three bowls to the face before trying to give the presentation. I'd say it was good, but I don't remember anything about it.
by feces faceplant June 05, 2007
to drink liquor straight from the bottle.
Diesel took that bottle of bartons to the face
by Stacy Finkleburger November 04, 2004
(1)Being so intoxicated that you are willing to do anything , i.e. take mase "to the face" (2) Drinking heavily at a specified college event, see examples below
"Formal to the face"

"Tailgate to the face"
by Hayley and Suzanne February 10, 2008

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