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Small, invisible rodent that leads what one imagines is an idyllic existence in the ample cleavage of beautiful ladies.
Gordon: I'd love to be Nigella Lawson's titmouse.
by Citizen Sade March 14, 2008
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A titmouse is a very small insectivorous bird that come from the family Paridae and are only found in the northen hemisphere and Africa.
The name titmouse is attested from the 14th century, composed of the Old English name for the bird, mase (Proto-Germanic *maison) and tit, denoting something small. The spelling was influenced by mouse in the 16th century.
"What the hell is that on my window ledge?"
"Don't worry dude, chill, its just a titmouse."
by Matt[O] September 10, 2005
a short, petite woman with very large breasts (noun)
Dolly Parton is the queen titmouse.
by Schlomo McSweenie April 21, 2006
1. A person with an extreme sexual fixation or preference for large breasts.

2. A man who focuses on the breasts during sex. A Mammaphiliac.

see also: tit fiend.
"Joe would live in her cleavage if he could. He is a total titmouse."
by NihilistDom August 24, 2009
Small Northamerican song bird.
The other day I was hunting in my backyard and shot a titmouse right out of the tree!
by Farcus Prime August 18, 2005
A mouse with gigantic tits. A mouse is a small, brown, furry rodent - this type has a large pair of human breasts on it's chest (think Pamela Anderson meets Mrs Frisby).
Look at the rack on that tit mouse.
by Jonny mouseman January 15, 2010
1. A varied number of small insect-eating songbirds, found in woodland areas throughout the world.

2. Bushtit, willow tit.

3. A phrase that when uttered in the presence of a conservative, esp. a tea bagger, may cause mild distress and an uncontrollable batting of the ears. When left untreated, the affection may lead to a condition known as libergenditis.
Note: An American species, the black-capped chickadee can be found throughout the back-woods and rolling hills of the deep southern states and West Virginia. A particularly active species has been spotted frequenting small city centers, infesting the eaves of buildings e.g., town halls, churches and a food distribution center known as the Piggluh Wiggluh.

Jimbo: "I cant stop itchin so Jeff"

Jefferson: "Could be that yer allergic ta them birds over yonder in them ther rafters."

Jimbo: "Wat, a lil' ol' 'tit mouse'?"

Jefferson: "Could be... now stop yer fidgetin' an hold that ladda steady."

Jimbo: "Jeff?"

Jefferson: "Whuats that Jimbo?

Jimbo: "Whycome they gotta put church bells so high?"

Jefferson: "Ye got me thar ol' Jim..."
by PlanetBJR January 02, 2011

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