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1. A person with an extreme sexual fixation or preference for large breasts.

2. A man who focuses on the breasts during sex. A Mammaphiliac.

see also: tit fiend.
"Joe would live in her cleavage if he could. He is a total titmouse."
by NihilistDom August 24, 2009
1. Too much or not enough of something as opposed to a steady, moderate amount. Such as work, food, or income.

2. To have a highly polarized, inconsistent flow of a particular resource or commodity.
My hours at work been inconsistent. It's been feast or famine.
by NihilistDom July 10, 2009
1. a vulgar pun of "Saggitarius"
Jon was born on December 6th, he's a Saggy Tore Ass.
by nihilistdom October 22, 2009
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