a female who when she goes down on you, she makes sure none of the "seaman" comes back up
a titanic gave me head yesterday and took all of my semen with her
by shaddy July 15, 2006
A girl who goes down on her first time out
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
A titanic is a woman (mostly fat ones) who "goes down" because of the mans "Ice"
That Titanic sucked my dick as soon as she saw da CHAIN!!
by meatloaf507 July 02, 2007
The levels of high, as experienced through smoking shisha through a hookah, are as follows (in ascending order). High, Fucked up, Real Fucked up, Retarded. When one ascends to the level of Real Fucked up or above, in a time frame of 10 minutes or less, it is referred to as "Titanic." Because the smokers are Real Fucked up and it is still only the tip of the iceberg, they are sunk. This mirrors the events of the Titanic sealiner sinking from an iceberg collision. In this scenario, the smokers are the titanic and the shisha (tobacco) is the iceberg. It is the iceberg because the majority mass of its high potential is still unseen. Solve the riddle within this story and tags to find the address of the mystical golden marbles.
dude, this bowl has only been lit for 10 minutes and i'm real fucked up, it a titanic situation.
by Sar Harekikowu June 23, 2007
the defenition of "dont crash a large ship into a large clump of ice or the big ship will sink and alot of peeps will die."
the titanic film was crap as well
by jakethegr8 February 03, 2007
A very large penis. A term only used by women.
guy: It's not the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean
women: WHAT!?!? Damn, size of the boat? I want the fucking titanic!
by big man matt January 31, 2007
Very large breasts which look good while supported by a bra, however they sink quickly after the bra is removed.
Given her age, I suspect that Dolly Parton has a Titanic breasts.
by dion February 04, 2005

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