A word of Hawaiian origin, which can be used to describe a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able to think for herself, and FIERCE in a number of different ways. Grace Jones and Madonna would both be accepted into the Tita Club, which would be an honor.

A Tita is a woman who can hold her own and doesn't take any crap. It's a good thing to be a Tita.

Frank Delimma's sketch of "Tita Turner"
by hawaiitalent February 05, 2009
a large tough woman
Jo is a tita you don't want to mess with...
by Arlene August 07, 2003
Filipino for "aunt."
Tita Rose is my mom's sister.
by ambrrrrr July 14, 2011
in Hawaiian Pidgin: 1) sometimes, a term of endearment used to call younger sisters, nieces, especially if said girls are sassy and precocious, 2) used more commonly to describe a really tough girl or woman, usually of Hawaiian or Polynesian ethnicity. In many ways, similar to a Chola. 3) A female moke. Sure, she's a woman but she's got that "you betta not mess wit me, cuz' I gon f'u up" evil stink-eye.
Watch out fo' dat tita, cuz' wen she stat givin’ you da stink eye, cuz' as da only warnin’ you goin’ get befo’ she pound you out!
by localgurl February 25, 2012
a fat boy with fairly large boobs.
Hey Titums get your fat ass over here
by hoopsmylife January 13, 2010
boobs, tits, man's best friend, etc.
Look at the titums on that bitch!
by Nick Melotte December 03, 2005
Acronym for "three in the air", as heard in the Hot Chelle Rae song 'Whatever". (three in the air if you just don't care)
Also known as the new "yolo".
Person One: We shouldn't be doing this we'll get in trouble...
Person Two: TITA!
by mgk92194 June 26, 2012

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