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To pull a Bruce Ismay and get into a lifeboat despite the fact you are not a woman or a child. If a friend abandons you for no good reason and leaves you behind, he/she has "titaniced" you.
Claudia and Sofie agree to catch the bus together. Claudia is 4 minutes late, so Sofie gets on the bus anyway, thus titanicing Claudia.

Claudia: Damnit! Sofie has titaniced me again!
by Amtwat July 06, 2012
to engage in sexual activities inside a car long enough to steam/fog up the windows from the inside
Last night, my girlfriend and I were totally titanicing in my car, I couldn't see anything out the windows!
by jinny_212490 December 08, 2013
Where one eats food so spicy that it is necessary to defecate while laying in a bathtub filled with cold water.
OMG that habanero slimjim was so hot I ended up titanicing at midnight last night!
by SSIT April 27, 2012