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it means shit.

its like jumbled up.
idk its funny though. :P
i have to take a huge tish.
by aqijldfask September 17, 2007
19 57
One sexy piece of ass, Wacky sense of humor, brilliant sharp mind, someone who care to much for other, and sometimes no enough for herself. Willing to help anyone, Such a blast to be around. One in a million and can never be replaced
Natasha Kinskaye is a tish
by Plum_Blum May 09, 2009
302 142
Tish: meaning to look good.
Tish: another way of saying Fabulous, Hot, Sexy, Scandalous, Beautiful
Tish: is an adjective

other forms of Tish: Tished, Tishin, Tishaliscious, Tishtacular, Tishy
"Robyn your hair is soooo tish today"

"That lip gloss is tish"

"Wow, your outfit is tishin today"
166 96
'Shit' pronounced backwards; often said by butchers.
That film was tish.
I need a tish.
by Step-father is butcher October 24, 2013
8 7
This Is So Horrible
Oh my god he broke up with me. Like tish.
by =Jmon3y= May 31, 2014
1 2
Pain pills muscle relaxers or any drug that is going to mellow one out.
Let me get that tish... need that mellow to ease my mind.
by MissAllieCat February 14, 2011
31 38
a little bit.....
"Mya can I just steal a tish of your pepsi?"

"OMG you only left a tish of coating powder for me!"

"Just add a teeny tish of pepper into the stew"
by Acacia Couture Bordeaux February 05, 2010
38 46
1) to take an object from a bar.

2) the act of getting non-drinkers drunk.

3) a Preschool teacher.
What happened to our Rosette? It was Tish!

She is getting him tish.

What's a hangover Mrs. Tish and why do we have to wisper?
by tmccstr February 08, 2010
18 30