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A neat (good looking) cunt flap.
Man: "hey did you see Jodie Brownlows vag? Its defiantly a Rosétte"
Man: "No way!!"
by Jodie-Rosétta Brownlow February 03, 2014
An ornament or badge made of ribbon or silk that is pleated or gathered to resemble a rose and is used to decorate clothing or is worn in the buttonhole of civilian dress to indicate the possession of certain medals or honors.
It isn't restricted to ribbon or silk.
A:"How could you forget your rosette? An Inquisitor's badge of office is the most sacred iron, making him the greatest enemy of darkness"
B:"I know i was using it crack walnuts...want me to get yours?"
A:"Yeah i think i left mine on top of a stash of paper"
by c_tan October 10, 2005
1) A gay, 7 year-old boy trapped in a young woman's body. The wife of Satan. A lover of dragqueens, old music/musicals, and good literature. Great speller and high-fiver. Known for laughing at the wrong times as well as too much and too loud (funerals, prayer time, class, etc). Rosettes are found eating pickles with their sister in the middle of the countryside. ; 2) "Just fuckin' weird!"--Totally Awesome Tommy. 3) Someone who is "MUCH TOO GOOD FOR CHILDREN!"
Person 1: Who's that white girl on stage rapping? She's dressed like a walking rainbow...

Person 2: Oh, that's just some Rosette chick.


Curly: Quit puddlejumping and eating bubbles.

Josey: I'm sorry, I'm in a Rosette mood!
by itsFlossy September 16, 2008
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