posh slang, dissagreement in simialr form as 'rubbish!'
tish pish old bean!
by Simonus December 08, 2003
A polite version of Cuntish.
Having an animal on a lead - Now that's TISH!

Going to a tea shop and ordering a cream horn - NOW THAT'S TISH!

by Jane March 02, 2005
To smash something, (usually glass) as the sound produced sounds like "tish"
Oh my god, Kirsty tished Robs window!

You coming tishing some cars?
by Johnny G 1986 June 27, 2005
it means shit.

its like jumbled up.
idk its funny though. :P
i have to take a huge tish.
by aqijldfask September 17, 2007
one of the results of MTV's newest censoring method: reversing all "unsuitable" words within a music video's audio track. well, at least it doesn't interrupt the music as much as inserting silence does.
"... this crazy tish, not havin' it..." (Sugababes, Hole In The Head)
by dawidi November 14, 2003
"shit" pronounced backwards
I have to take a tish.
by none of your goddam business July 03, 2003

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