T.I's original name

T.I.P- Ten Inch Playa
Bob: Yo' who is this T.I rapper?
John: He used to be TIP, but he's still a Ten Inch Playa.
by Benders October 16, 2007
To leave a place. Probably from "to tip one's hat". 60s/70s East Coast US.
"I gotta tip before my old lady comes lookin' for me...".

by VerbalGimp November 11, 2007
T.I., Rubberband man, T.I.P., da king of the south's og name. free dat nigga. it was his dope boy name, also where king of da south came from. cuz before he became a rapper he was movin bricks and by 18-20 he was rich and peeps called him kind of da south. hustlin also lead to rubberband man. FREE TI
Listen to songs they call him tip. he is the best cuz. someone need to kill that nigga that snitched on him
by FREE TIP October 17, 2007
1. To have lots of clientele in any particular hustle.

2. A home.
"That guy with the t-shirts is tippin , he sold 20 of them in 5 minutes."

"Im just at the tip, chillin."
by Swords May 02, 2006
Someone that looks; fit, buff, sexy, pretty, handsom etc. Short for tip-top, tip simply means very good (looking)
That bird looks tip man...
by Russ89 April 13, 2006
a word used as a verb to decribe doing ecstacy. To tip
e.g,Dave: "Last night i went to the party!
Mark: " No way man did you tip"
Dave:" Yeah! i only took three though"
by D-von December 14, 2006
A word for the tobacco (usually from a cigarette) added to a joint of marijuana to increase the high.
scarboroughG#1:"yo lets burn a j"
scarboroughG#2:"aight lemme get some tip"
by Captain Black July 17, 2006

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