(noun); the female equivalent of "douche bag". a female who is generally a ridiculous moron; Comes from the resevoir tip of a condom.
You are seriously staying home tonight and not going to the party? You are seriously a tip.

Rebecca is wearing those jeans that showcase her huge muffin top; someone needs to tell her she looks like a tip.
by Mama Shakespeare February 05, 2010
A term for nipples. The tip of a boob.
"Your tips seem to be staring at me."
"My bra is chaffing my tips."
"Nice tips!"
by Jcard March 15, 2007
To go with a person, usually used to try and embarass people
-girl and guy spotted talking-
someone shouts... TIPSSSSSS
by yurma February 01, 2007
A little head, a little rim etc. A slight receiving of felatio just around the head of the penis. When asked "did you tip her?" in the context of tipping a prostitute, a typical reply may be: "no, but she sure as hell tipped me... know what I'm saying yeeaawww!".
Person 1: I'm glad that you convinced Sam to give me a little head, I was feeling quite the boxed up one...

Person 2: Argh no worries, she's a good girl really. Think she may like you.

Person 1: Well that's a 100 percent felatio to date ratio, maybe if I never take her out she'll give me full access to the pearl rewards within her oyster... if you know what I'm saying...

Person 2: ... you cold man, you're damn near heartless. Anyway, did you tip the girl... please tell me you did, she has class you hear, a little head - £10, a little on the side for her pocket. We agreed man.

Person 1: Well put it one way, one of us got tipped... but it certainly wasn't her! Hahahahaha, hey Guy... hey where you going man?
by Robert Head April 04, 2007
Usually meaning the the actual head of the dick, or the dick in general
Why you hatin, man get off my tip
by Davion May 14, 2005
Literally "turd in pants" but used as an adjective to describe a person who is so preoccupied with, for example, studying that he would shit his pants rather than get up and go to the bathroom; can also describe a room that contains TIP individuals.
The music library was especially TIP today; it was full of very TIP students.
by Lilliolia July 14, 2011
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