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Only the part of something that can be easily observed, but not the rest of it, which is hidden. (Referring to the fact that the majority of an iceberg is below the surface of the water.)
"The problems that you see here now are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous disasters waiting to happen."
by shoshannafeelings July 10, 2014
When a girl takes your dick out of your pants and not all of it is out of your pants/boxers and the girl thinks that's it meanwhile, it's only the tip or half of it.
Emily- Oh my god I jacked this guy off the other day and his dick was so small I didn't even let him take his pants all the way off because I wasn't interested.
Sebrina- Are you sure it just wasn't the tip of the Iceberg?
Emily- What?
Sebrina- since you didn't let him take his pants off all the way maybe they hid half his dick so you couldn't see it...therefore it being the tip of the Iceberg
by Bananers November 03, 2014
Pretty face, huge body.
"Damn did you see her?"
"Yeah dude, she's hot! But her body, not so much."
"Uh huh, talk about tip of the iceberg."
"So true."
by IrisInsanitie July 31, 2009
When a male is holding himself from peeing.
I had three beers in an hour, and now it's right at the tip of the iceberg.
by C-Dubs October 31, 2007
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