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When a man sits on the toilet and the tip of his penis rubs against the cold inside of the bowl, or possibly even the water. This could also be known as a Chilly Willy.
"Time to drop some plop" *sits down* "Oh no! I got tip dip! I hate that!"
by Oh Yeah! Teh Cap'n! August 24, 2008
to insert the tip of your penis into a soaking wet vagina and take it out and repeat before full penetration..... a play off of taking a "dip" in the pool.....
hey nigga, im finna dip my tip tonight.." " hey hoe you tryna tip dip right quick?" " I be feindin for that tip dip right nah" "I need get my T D-ed tonight." " hey you tryna D some T?
by Young Tweak February 06, 2011
When a (virgin) girl doesn't want to have intercourse, and the guy asks to insert "just the tip" of his penis.
No honey, i'm virgin!
Come one sweety, just a tip dip...
by apoff December 10, 2010
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