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Refers to when a man sits on a toilet and the tip of his penis dips into the toilet water. Usually affects gentlemen with large members or who use toilets with a high water level.
I think I got AIDS from tip dipping.
by RootsofWar November 18, 2011
"The Lunch Sniff" is the act of smelling one's chair when they walk away, this determining the digested remnants of the person's lunch or other past meals. Use a padded chair for best results.
I bet Mike had the roast beef, but I can't be certain without "The Lunch Sniff".
by RootsofWar October 26, 2010
Refers to the chunky multi-colored, but mostly red, mucus that comes after a nose bleed.
I swear to god Frank, if you flick that nose salsa at me, I will shit on your desk.
by RootsofWar November 15, 2011
The act of leaving your penis inside a woman after intercourse, while you both sleep. Having been marinating inside the woman for several hours the end product will look similar to Benito Mussolini, old and wrinkly. Use in the spooning position for best results.
Tonight babe, I want to try to marinate the Mussolini, you in? I mean... am I in?
by RootsofWar November 22, 2011
A fallback plan for running out of toilet paper, which involves taking an unscheduled shower to prevent dingleberries or racing tracks.
Dude, this Plan B Toilet Paper is getting old. If you kill the toilet paper, buy some more!
by RootsofWar November 15, 2011
a black man's penis
I can't watch a porno with an AIDS stick in the scene.
by RootsofWar January 19, 2012
The art of standing over an iPhone nude, with an active Facetime connection with another party, while slowly squatting over the camera. This simulates the act of teabagging.
The next person who facetimes me without telling me first is going to get a surprise facetime teabagging.
by RootsofWar March 13, 2012

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