The meal you somehow manage to ingest in bars before dinner without really noticing it.
"Hey, fancy a meal?". "Naw, I've already had tinner, thanks!"
by Attika-Elvis September 24, 2009
Top Definition
Short for a tin-opener.
"Hey, Donald, pass the tinner... I want to open this can of tinned pineapples"
by DJ Tinner Roberts April 13, 2009
A BOWL (device used for smoking weed) made out of tin or aluminum foil.
I didnt have any glass pieces so I had to make a took me like 30 Minutes to make one from scratch!!
by E-Thug March 26, 2005
when some one is being some what of a crack head ,all sketching out, being stupid, like coming down off a hard drug and needs something to get high but don't have money they resort to smoking tin foil or SOS pads yummm imagine the THICK GREEN SMOKE fillling in your LUNGS LOL
bro you are being a tinner

yo man did you see that guy tinning out driving he almost hit that tinner crossing the street ah this city has so many tinners in it.
by DGEEZY feed the streets July 15, 2009
One who lives/lived in Hamilton, New Jersey (Mercer County) and adopted the lifestyle and speech patterns of a Hamiltonian.
"Holy shit, did she just pull a bong out of her purse?? With BIGGIE SMALLS face on it? She's such a tinner!!"
by htownbitches January 24, 2008
A person that seriously sweats like he's going to die, often a male;eg boy.
Dude1: Hey man, are you dying?
Dude2: Nah, im just sweating alot.
Dude1: Oh lol, you're such a Tinner.

Example 2:

Guy on street: CHRIST SAKE! Man Did you see that Tinner?!

Friend: Worst tinner i've seen today lol!

Guy on street: Jesus .. that dude was sweating badly !

Friend: True that. True that.
by TeoTio November 24, 2007
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