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To try to cover up the purchasing of condoms at the supermarket by filling up the cart to the gunwales.
I tried to condoflage the week's ration of Trojans last night but the clerk blew it when she called for a price check on Trojans XL over the pa system!
#cover up #concealment #sneak by #con trick #hoax
by Attika-Elvis October 07, 2009
To save a top-notch attraction for the next visit. Adjective: sparsimonious, adj.
"So, you made it to The Big Apple! Did you get to Ollie's joint?"
"Naw! In a fit of sparsimony, we gave it a miss for next time!"
#insight #save the goodies #economy #reality check #stupidity
by Attika-Elvis October 25, 2009
The ability or act of seeing everything for the first time, every time
"What! Teneriffa again!!
"yea, it is so nice to oculshave!"
#insight #perspicuity #wisdom #phronesis #laziness
by Attika-Elvis October 25, 2009
The meal you somehow manage to ingest in bars before dinner without really noticing it.
"Hey, fancy a meal?". "Naw, I've already had tinner, thanks!"
#snacks #tapas #free food #bar grub #beer gut buddies
by Attika-Elvis September 24, 2009
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