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When a Crackhead is coming off a binge, has not slept for days, shoots enough heroin to be just short of the sought after, final over dose. They may go into a sort of sleep, trance, stoned dance, referred to on the street as Tinkerbelle, Tinkerbell, Tinkerbells, or Tinkerbelling.

This movement may last just a moment, or persist for ten to twelve hours or more. The behavior usually starts before the syringe has been withdraw from the body.

Often during some part of this activity they may curl up, rolling backward on their spine, draw there knees close together, flutter there legs in the air as if riding a bicycle, pointing their toes towards the sky.

At other times it may appear to be a spasm, complete with twitching, jerking, shuddering, and shivering. The enthusiast may dance and thrash around taking off clothing as they go. They may nod out and awaken incessantly. Eyes may be partially closed or open. Devotees often claim they were asleep on their feet.

When standing sleep-trance dancing, pretty ladies, may remind spectators of Peter Pan’s fairy, with all the bells and whistles of a gypsy, who does not give a tinker's damn what anyone else thinks about how susceptible to physical or emotional harm they appear.

Tinker from “Tinkers dame,” bell from “bells and whistles,” Tinkerbell from “Peter Pan.”
Sarita is known to Tinkerbelle, in the Mission.

Jamie is Tinkerbelling, in Chinatown.

by SuraScent January 06, 2008
(n.) A southern male homosexual who is exceptionally good at repairing intricate mechanical devices, particularly musical jewelry and cosmetic boxes.
" Did you see the tinker-belle who fixed the 'Boy George' music box? Isn't it divine?"
by badugah February 15, 2009
a mechanically inclined woman.
Joan is always trying to fix things because she's a tinker belle.
by Johnny B Baade September 11, 2008
A gay 80 something crossdresser, most commonly know as a character on Cold Case, but is actually a real person. Wants to screw young men.
GET AWAY tinkerbelle!!! I DONT want you to SHAG me!!!
by Auschwitz November 25, 2004
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