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A joker, one who is quick with one liners, quips and sly remarks.
That dude reminds me of Tini.
by Spellman December 09, 2004
Gang of deuschs from medford, WI that are in an age group from 20 to 25, who go out to high school parties and bang 15 years, smoke space daily, drive early 200 model cars with shitty aftermarket and stickers on them, and and are hated by everyone. They have a group in Illinois also, and they have nicknames with tini in it.
by StanGajewski April 20, 2012
The BEST GIRL in the world, she is life and I love her so much. She can make you laugh till u piss urself. Even tho she goes to MVP thats ok we stil love her

aka: weiner
That tini girl is so hott
by AM April 23, 2005
tini when some one is a fit as f**k or relly sexy or they are jaw droping prittey
pfft u see dat tini girl back there
by joshy b April 27, 2007
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