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When a girl is giving a male oral sex and uses the roof of her mouth to increase the pleasure for the male participant causing him to feel many times pain as the roof of her mouth is very coarse, yet pleasure at the extreme level also causes the reciever to coat the roof of the mouth with a metallic shine.
Dude im tired of getting the tin roof from kate, I've got blisters on my head.
by Seaman Inurmouth July 10, 2008
during anal sex, just before you cum. pull out and have the girl poop on your dick and then finish with a blowjob while rubbing the poop on the roof of her mouth.
Jared: "Dude i tin roofed Jenna last night."
Mike: "Bro?"
by theGARBAGEman July 18, 2010
While your giving anal, she takes a shit and then when you take your dick out you have shit on the top of your dick.
I just got Tin Roofed by her!
by mbaum727 July 23, 2008
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