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Derived from South Park, it can be used as a nickname for somebody called Tim, or something written by Myra and Nose all over TerrorBird's windows. It can also be used as an insult for somebody a bit stupid.
"Alright, Timmeh?"
"Myra, why's Timmeh written all over my windows?"
"You're such a Timmeh!"
by Ya mama June 12, 2003
When the timmy character on the show south park is questioning something, he says timmeh? because the only word he can say is timmy.
Jimmy: Hey t-t-t-tim wanna s-s-s-suck it?

Timmy: timmeh?
Jimmy: Yeah. R-r-r-r-right now.
Timmy: TIMMEH? TIMMEH TIMMEH TIMMEH timmeh? t-timmeh
by asssburgers December 27, 2009
subsitute for the word retard
he is a retard
auto censor: he is a timmeh!
by the great y June 02, 2005
Used to describe an inbecile/good hockey player-U shout it when u get a goal.My frined Tim says-Timmeh!!!!! Instead of I got an awesomly sweet goal!!! woot!
* I make a goal* Timmeh!!!!!!!!!!!! (You skate around the ice)
Timmeh comes from a mentally chanlenged kid named Tim that I am friends. When he scores a goal at hockey he shouts "TIMMEH!!!!"
(hes not mental but he acts like it sometimes) :D You only shout it if ur name is TIm (DUH!)
Instead of "I GOT A GOAL WOOT!" You shout "TImmeh!"
The short driver of the short bus aka Timmeh the fat lard! One of the most greatest guys out there! I <3 him!
I will miss Timmeh when he leaves for the summer.
by Kaleh April 12, 2005
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