TimTim is defined as a nickname from a famous online game player called " Choi XXX Tim " in Hong Kong. Another nickname is heard as " C-Black " or " Black Cxxxxxx " which is a vegetable name.

TimTim is usually related with on 9 this word , especially when you are playing an online game and found that he is doing something stupid ( crazy power-leveling , open unlimited socks server to play multi chars at the same time for the best boosting level speed , crazy macroing , unbelievalbe easyuo writing for his better macroing , doing nothing to get money etc ) All of these actions are some outstanding actions in online gaming world.

He always like playing game with someone called Scottie since 1997. The timeline is described as below :

Ultima Online -> Everquest -> King of Kings -> Everquest -> Ultima Online -> X -> X -> X->

The timeline is not so clear because Scottie has played so many online games with TimTim which this defination can't explain much as much.
Example :
TimTim is an on 9.
TimTim is a cheap boy.
TimTim is no-penis-sad-boy.
by Scottie September 13, 2004
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