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the idiotic way of spelling "saxophone"
the saxophone is the hottest instrument out there
especially when the alto sax is played by a girl ;)
Ignorant person: "Hey whos that hot chick playing the alto saxaphone over there?"
Intelligent person: "Actually, its saxOphone. And you're right. shes absolutely gorgeous.
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One of several instruments in the saxaphone family. The saxaphone is often confused with the saxophone, a wind instrument invented by Adolphe Sax in 1840. Saxaphone is a word used by uneducated simpletons that need to spend more time near a dictionary and less time trying to associate themselves with the many facets of coolness offered by the saxophone and legitimate saxophone players world-wide.
For sale: one used saxaphone. I'm not sure if it's a tenor or alto, I'm not a musician.
by Paulie C May 03, 2005
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