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T he greatest living person on the planet, often regarded as God
Till Lindemann is God
by Salty Samurai September 10, 2004
Lead singer of German indutrial techno-metal band, Rammstein. Sex god. Genius.
I don't care what you say, Till Lindemann is sexy.
by Peggy-Sue April 23, 2005
Leader singer for Rammstein. Sex on two legs. Lyrical genius.
If I met Till Lindemann I'd jump on his dick so fast he wouldn't know what had hit him.

Till Lindemann croons far better than Robert Goulet.
by Mssr. Voldemort January 10, 2006
Frontman for the legendary Tanz-Metal German band, Rammstein.

Here are a few more tidbits about him:

1. Has been commonly known to be mistaken for a galactic sex god.

2. Satan is praying the Almighty accepts him into Heaven or else he'll be out of a job.

3. Can face fuck you with a simple stare and keep you coming back for more.
Till Lindemann is a German that I wish would invade me!
by Till Lindemann's lover April 10, 2007
Lead singer of German band Rammstein. He is mentioned in "The Holy Bible" many times as a character named "god." He can outswim anyone in the world. And he can can kick even Chuck Norris' balls off (he won't due to the fact that Till and Chuck go on emo hunting trips). In fact, if you are reading this Till is probably fucking your girlfriend. Do not try to prevent this, it will only end with your demise, mainly because if you try to kill Till, he will laugh, grab you buy the balls, crush them, and then continue banging your girlfriend, while you watch and cry like a bitch.
Emo-Owwwwww my head exploded while listening to "Sonne." Why?
Rammstein Fan - Because Till Lindemann's deep voice burrowed inside your head, through your ears, and commenced to beat your head's fucking ass.
by Kommisar Kowl May 15, 2006
Rammstein vocalist and all round pyromaniac. Has a tendency to come on stage with a flamethrower and performs certain songs whilst on fire.
"Till Lindemann ist ein pyromaniac."
by D.E March 18, 2004
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