The frontman for titanic German metal group Rammstein, widely considered one of the most awesome bands in the world. Musician, poet, former competative swimmer, former basket-weaver and part-time Demi-God. Till Lindeman is the anthropomorphic personification of pure masculinity who invented the often-lethal dance move: The Till Hammer, a thigh-pounding mosh technique that replicates a blacksmith smashing the ever-loving shit out of an anvil like it was a ginger stepson. As well as being a warrior, he is also a gentleman and has been known to let you stay in the room while he fucks your girlfriend and mother at the same time.
Till Lindemann taught Chuck Norris the roundhouse kick due to feeling sorry for him after kicking his ass in a barfight.

David Hasselhoff first turned to drink after poncing about on the Berlin wall and having it shatter underneath him when Till Lindemann walked past, doing some light vocal practices, inadvertantly re-unifying Germany.

Every German fertility clinic features a cardboard cutt-out of Till Lindeman choking a shark with one hand, whilst cradling a kitten in his other, looking directly at the styrrups in the insemination room. To this day they have a 100% success rate.
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by Poppa Boogaloo August 19, 2011
Singer for the German Neue Deutsche Härte band RAMMSTEIN. He can light himself on fire and live!! Lindemann is immune to pain, as can be clearly seen in Rammstein's "live aus berlin" video when Till bashes his head open with a mic stand and hit himself with a flogging whip. (OUCH)A trained pyrotechnician, Till never performs a concert without at least 2 flamethrowers. He is also extremely strong and will kill you faster than chuck norris.
"Till Lindemann ist Gott!!"

If you go to a Rammstein concert and see a large group in the crowd with 3rd degree burns, you know why. They got too close to TILL LINDEMANN!!
#rammstein #till lindemann #germany #metal #heavy metal #rock
by Fatal1ty 117 May 20, 2009
Till Lindemann is a German singer in the best band in the world Rammstein( until he is spit out of hell and starts another band). Till enjoys pain and, his pass times include whipping himself, doing it with your GF, lighting himself on fire, bashing himself on the head with a mic, and killing anyone who opposes hisband mates(except for flake, Flake is gay)Till Lindermann is the idea of a BAMF. He challenges the definition of masculine. It is actually a myth that Chuck Noris is the biggest BA in the world. Till once beat chucks ass and thats why he is no longer the main character in any movie. After Chuck got his ass kicked Till threatened to kill him if he saw him in an other crapy movie. A bear once threatened Lindemann. Till showed him the knee pound manuver, and the bear ate its self knowing it would be a less painful way to die. Till has four kids, one's mother is not known accourding to wikipedia, this could hint, that he did infact do the dirty dirty with your girlfriend. Till is a scary man who kill you if he felt like it. North Korea stoped its nuclear program because Germany threatened to send till there with a flogging whip( Bullets cant kill him) contrary to popular beleif. Till (He hates pop music). Till ist der Meister.
Till Lindemann
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by digity12345 July 24, 2009
What a male! Is he a human?
Think he's from Outer Space
Till Lindemann forever
#till #lindemann #rammstein #deutchland #rock
by ganimed August 14, 2009
The lead singer of Rammstein. He is a god with a voice that will turn straight men gay, and lesbians into straight horny whores who will do anything in the world to fuck him. He is sex on a stick that no one can resist. Till will one day rule the world, and will fuck your girlfriends and boyfriends while you watch in awe.
1. Till Lindemann is the sexiest motherfucker on the planet.

2. My boyfriend got mad because Till Lindemann's voice got me to orgasm instead of him.

3. Kevin had turned gay the instant he saw Till Lindemann come out on stage with a flamer thrower and started singing

4. I'd fuck Till faster than you can say "Rammstein is the best band in the world" if I ever got the chance

5. Till Lindemann is the sexiest German alive
#rammstein #sex #god #band #german
by AnarchyStocking June 22, 2011
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