It's a cross between a tiger and a moron, bred for its special skills in stupidity. A tigon is a ligers bitch. It's often seen in shopping malls casting spells with a Liger.
The tigon ate my baby!
by AV1D March 21, 2007
Top Definition
A tigon is the hybrid of a male tiger and a female lion (lioness). A close cousin (and one quite often mistaken) is the liger, which is the hybrid of a female tiger and a male lion. Tigon are generally much smaller in size and its appearance is moreso like the father. Male offspring are generally infertile, while the females are still capable of giving birth. Not much is known on these felines as those who own them are generally keeping them illegally. Zoo's oftentimes will gain access to a tigon, though they refuse to breed tigers and lioness' to make tigon's on purpose. As such it is difficult to learn much about them. A tigon is 50% tiger and 50% lion. It has been believed that a ti-tigon (75% tiger, 25% lion) or a li-tigon (75% lion, 25% tiger) have been bred before, though the felines were never given proper scientific names. Ti-Tigon and Li-Tigon are simply slang names that were suggested.
When a male tiger should breed with a lioness, the offspring are called tigon's.
by JoJo Meflow February 17, 2006
A tigon is the mix between an male Tiger and a female Lion. Tigons are usually smaller than both tigers and lions.

In the majority of tigon or liger births is due to illegal zoos keeping lions and tigers together in the same cage.

---Please, quit refering to Napoleon Dynomite everytime you see the words "tigon" or "liger". It's annoying and agrivating to the people who have actually researched on these beautiful creatures.---
That poor tigon was rescued from the big cat farm yesterday.
by Queen McKay March 21, 2005
a tigon is a mixture of a tiger and a lion. while similir to a liger.. a tigon is decidedly inferior as it holds no special abilities.
also a direct result of napoelon dynamite, albeit not from the movie... from one of the short films produced for the commercials:

"What are you some kind of idiot?" NO! A liger is WAY better than a tigon!
by napoleon August 21, 2004
When a Female lioness breed with a male Tiger.
Lioness: Hey we just had a baby!
Tigor: I know we should name him Tigon!
Both: yeah
by If your alright with it i am October 10, 2011
The breed of a tiger and a lion. Napoleon Dynamite used this phrase in a trailer for his movie.
NP:do you have any ligers?
Operator for zoo:whats that?
NP:its the mix between a lion and a tiger! they're pretty much the best animal ever...
Operator:its a mix between a tiger and a lion?
Np:no idiot thats a tigon they suck and reek like poo!!
by stephannc April 29, 2007
A mix breed between a male tiger and a female lion
Damn that tigon has got some mad skills ( like Napolean Dynamiite!)
by couturehottie February 28, 2005
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