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Slang for breasts/tits...often moving in some fasion.
Yo..that chick has some big tigglies.

She got some jiggly tigglies.
#breasts #tits #tig bitties #sweater cows #knockers
by Heav February 10, 2006
A mashing of the words Tickled and Giggly. Usually caused by the SWOOTEST girl in the entire world. The mere thought of causes your body to feel completely excellent. Unexplainable-- the best.

Probably caused by a girl with the first name of Elissa. Who, by definition, is amazing.
"Dude I just got done talking to my Eshe and she made me feel SOOO TIGGLY. She's amazing."
#tiggly #eshe #tickled #giggly #unexplainable
by Awun! January 24, 2008
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