Blood that infuses the body of a person who has been wronged but knows they are a winner. This blood is so powerful that the possessor is overcome by passion to the point that there words are woven in what appears to be a violent torrent of awesomeness. Those possessing Tiger blood project a smokescreen of hysterics intended to throw off trolls and confuse the simple minded.
Charlie Sheen has tiger blood and brought the heat to Warner Brothers.
by c0rrupt0 March 12, 2011
An alpha male or female who demonstrate high speed energy and live life to the extreme; someone with Tiger Blood is a hunter of opportunity and a dangerous adversary to those who threaten him/her; sexual prowess and stamina
Someone who has tiger blood works hard, plays hard, sleeps little, stays focused and on top of their game, then goes to work and makes big $$; Charlie Sheen
by dantonyp March 12, 2011
To "have tiger blood" apparently makes you badass or awesome, according to Charlie Sheen.
by i have tiger blood. BAM. March 11, 2011
A substance of mysterious origins, most likely drawn from the veins of a certain unemployed actor who thrives on an epic "#winning" lifestyle which includes "banging 7 gram rocks" with blazing machetes while fornicating with his polygamous harem on the roof while addressing the "losing" trolls down below.
Charles thinks he is #winning due to his tiger blood.
by qwerkshun March 11, 2011
Cocaine, a derivative of cocaine or any effect achieved from the use of cocaine.
I snorted, smoked and bathed in tiger blood. Now I have tiger blood coursing in my arteries.
by briantroy March 10, 2011
1) Having tiger blood running through your veins making you capable of epic winning

2) Being a total frickin epic rock star from Mars

3) Having the ability to make your fists breathe fire
Come on Bro I got tiger blood, Winning!
by slayer3100 March 10, 2011
The kind of blood that pumps through the bodies of tigers, and Charlie Sheen. It allows you to do superhuman things, like bang out seven gram rocks.
Sheen can bang out seven gram rocks and live...hes got tiger blood.
by the real Pizzle March 09, 2011

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