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Used as an expression of mounting anger or frustration. A versatile expletive on the level of fuck.

Similar in respect to Newman.
1. "Dude, you just shit your pants."
"Ah, tidwell!"

2. "You can't steal my catchphrase, man. That's totally horbawrong."
"Pfft. I just did. Deal with it, bitch."
by jordancg July 13, 2008
(v) To follow through on a plan before thinking it through. Also, to repeatedly make dumb choices.
Wow, you totally Tidwelled man. I mean it's bad enough to do drugs in public, but to do it at school in front of your teacher?!
by N. of G. July 11, 2008
a bumb on the street who gives advice
Tidwell was by 49th and Lennox
by coldspringz_ogg@yahoo.com June 07, 2005