A childish way to say urinate used for young children espeacily in potty training
come on just do a little tiddle
by nasco May 06, 2008
Top Definition
The dot on top of a lower-case letter i.
Don't forget to put the tiddle on your lower-case i's.
by RoxHardy July 16, 2010
A term referring to small breasts.
On Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special, Peanut said: "If they're small, they're tiddles."
by Eon the Wolf May 12, 2009
Tiddles is the name of a dog that lives in Rhode Island. People usually laugh at her name, but soon come to adore it.
Stranger: "What a cute dog, what's her name?"

Owner: "Her name is Tiddles"

Stranger: "Ha, no really, what's her name?"

Owner: "It's Tiddles."

Stranger: "?!?!"
by Dakota Oliort August 16, 2010
When someone scratch's your behind with their pinky finger. (Yes it has to be the pinky.)
"Do you think you could TIDDLE my dairy aire please?" In which your friend, girlfriend, wife, colleague, boss, brother, room-mate, mother, grandma, grandmama, grandpa, grandpapa, or grandpapapa, (grandmamama can't do this because she has lost feeling in her Pinky finger), Strangers, team-mates, famous athletes, cousins, Witches, tutors, teachers, principals, pastors, deans, the popes, store clerks, the mailman, maids, the farm hands, the pool boy, the lawn carer, the butler, adopted children, Hamburglar, and camp counselors, have to do it.
by donttouchthechalkmarks October 26, 2010
(n. Proper) - Referring to the renowned hero of Indiana. The people's champion. Recognized for various skills, an esteemed position amongst the conventions of the High Counsel, and smashing things sometimes. That's why we call it shpoople. Can use beastial wrath.

Also known as: Tiddul
"He's that guy with The Talent. What's his name?"

by Riversdale_McBoggis June 30, 2011
adjective: it is a cross between a tad and a little, meanning a bit.
"ah man its chilly outside"
"yeah, just a tiddle"
by erizleackadizzle January 26, 2009
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