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The poop dots left on the bottom of the toilet after taking a dump.
Oh hot-dog! I left some chalk-marks for you.
by donttouchthechalkmarks October 26, 2010
When someone scratch's your behind with their pinky finger. (Yes it has to be the pinky.)
"Do you think you could TIDDLE my dairy aire please?" In which your friend, girlfriend, wife, colleague, boss, brother, room-mate, mother, grandma, grandmama, grandpa, grandpapa, or grandpapapa, (grandmamama can't do this because she has lost feeling in her Pinky finger), Strangers, team-mates, famous athletes, cousins, Witches, tutors, teachers, principals, pastors, deans, the popes, store clerks, the mailman, maids, the farm hands, the pool boy, the lawn carer, the butler, adopted children, Hamburglar, and camp counselors, have to do it.
by donttouchthechalkmarks October 26, 2010
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