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evil megalomaniac corporation that charges ridiculous service charges on already overpriced tickets.
$11.00 service charge? what the hell?
by v1cious May 14, 2004
a website that sells event tickets

they own an online monopoly since there is no other way of purchasing the tickets

this is why ticketmaster feel the need to charge up to a 30% fee on your total purchase.
without competition, Ticketmaster will continue ripping you off

see asshole
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
an act of sexual deviation

see: anal rape
I bought tickets to the shows the other day via ticketmaster, and I've been walking with an uncomfortable limp for the past few days
by Jo_sh May 31, 2007
A cop whose primary job is to wait in ambush to give passers by traffic tickets to add bucks to the cop shop budget.
The cops in this town aren't any good at solving crimes, they're just a bunch of ticketmasters.
by Peter Cappacinno November 05, 2008
Another Word For The Police
Dude 1:Hey You Should Pull Over The Ticket Master Is On Your Tail.
Dude 2: Shit.
by Charla Nolasco August 01, 2008
Another word for the doctor that puts in for your prescription.
Did you get ahold of the ticketmaster to see when your gettin more tickets
by JimBeam1984! January 28, 2009
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