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Acronym for "This is bullsh*t"
You are sitting in a mandatory staff meeting when the boss says something you highly disagree with. You wish you could shout out your opinion but know descretion is the better part of you-know-what. You turn to a co-worker and softly mutter...Tibs! (co-worker nods his/her head in agreement and now you feel better knowing your not alone)
by William C. Dysinger August 28, 2005
TIB = Totally interested, babe.

Acronym used by teenagers and young adults in the UK to confirm involvement/interest in what they have been asked to attend or do by a friend.
"Do you want to go to this house party tomorrow night?" "Oh yeah, TIB!"
by hannah23 July 15, 2012
Stands for True Islamic Brothers. Indo-Pak gang formed in Atlanta by pakistani teenagers. Known for dealing large amounts of marijuana through out the metro-atlanta area. Also known to be of Punjabi decent although members ethnicity may vary.
"Man, bruh those TIB boyz are deeper than we thought. They got alottta people."
by thosedesiboyz November 16, 2012
Taya Induced Boner Syndrome
guy one: damn look at that chick
Guy two: that's Taya
Guy:one I have T.I.B.S
by TheCreepyJman June 17, 2011
It involves the sexual act of putting your tongue in her bum.
I gave her good T.I.B last night.

She was that hot I had to give her a good T.I.B

Let me me bend you over for a bit of T.I.B
by Stal Snr. May 17, 2007
Gender neutral singular noun referring to a person. Use if you can't tell what gender someone is and don't want to call them "it," and since "they/them" is plural it doesn't make sense. Also applicable if writing a report where you can't use possessive words like "I/mine."
"You see that girl? She is so manly." "Tib? That's totally a guy."
by Kymuni December 07, 2010
a words meaning This Is Bull Shit
U gets rejected from harvard

U: Damn it!

V: Now don't be swearin'

U: fine,Tibs
by eathroho June 10, 2009
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