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Similar to Shart. Burping while slightly throwing up at the same moment causing a sickenly gross sensation in your mouth as you have to swallow it all back.
Man I just thurped in my mouth! sick! Butter chicken roti!
by Gregger September 19, 2005
To throw up and burp simultaneously; to gamble and lose.
I thought I was just going to burp really loudly but it ended up as a thurp; life sucks man.
by Krissyc123 July 09, 2006
A response to an intended insult; a backfire; something else to say when one has nothing left to say, an expression of dismay or awe.
Person #1: If you got any more stupid, you'd have to be watered twice a week.
Person #2: Thurp.
by Scott Palmer July 15, 2006
a couch on a roof
Why does jim have a thurp?
by (pro) February 05, 2010
When you burp and you accidentally throw up in your mouth a little bit.
Oh man, I thurpped the Taco Bell from 20 minutes ago...gross.
by SirFoopsALot November 08, 2009