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Town located in central County Tipperary. Population of 8000. No tourist atractions or anything of remote interest save Semple Stadium. A Mecca for Knackers (who we call La La's when their around). A good place to get a beating on a Friday/Saturday night. A town of great, friendly people (except for the Knackers/Plastic Knackers who cause 99% of fights along with participating in 99% of thieving).
You know it's Summer when the flies and knackers (with shirts of and pigeon type walking)are around in abundance.
by Woody July 24, 2004
A crossroads waiting for a bypass.
Let's bypass Thurles, I know a shortcut via Cashel.
by cracail February 22, 2011
full of nackers and wankers great place to get killed
dony fogarty
by haydn June 05, 2004