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Also knows as Brandon Jacobs, running back for the New York giants. He is not 100% human. Brandons Jacob's true origins are unknown, but top scholars believe he could be one of 4 things.

1. Half Human, Half Horse

2. Half Human, Half Gorilla

3. Half Human, Half Locomotive

4. Brandon Jacobs is really Sasquatch

Football Fan: Holy duece did you see Thunderbeast obliterate Laron Landry the other night? He completely ran him over.

Scrotebag: Who is Thunderbeast?

Football Fan: I hate you so much.
by JFleeg September 12, 2008
The condition of peeling/raw/missing skin after excessive scratching due to mosquito bites.
daly scratched her mosquito bites so much that she got Thunderbeast.
by Bassmaster2295 July 16, 2011