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Loved by african americans.
African American: "I'm down with Landry."
by Mrs. Anthony December 08, 2006
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a boy that uses girls as sexual objects and just wants to have sex and not date you, then never talk to you again
dont go with him he is such a landry
by Queenoflalapoloo April 30, 2008
An extremely intelligent, athletic, sneaky girl who is overly funny. She tries hard to fit in, most of the time so hard that she pushes people away. She is, however, the most loyal, caring, loving friend and girlfriend you will find if you take the time to get past her insecurities. She is a phenomenal person who anyone would be lucky to know.
Wow!! That girls is a better soccer player than most guys I know. Yeah, she is a total Landry.
by Magical genius March 24, 2013
to fart really hard/loud/wet.
Hey Kristen?

What Dillon?

i just landryed myself.

Oh thats nice
by uho January 29, 2010
1 girl who play the skin-flute amazingly
Landry play the skin-flute like an orchestra
by bolognaman4sho September 16, 2007
1. a girl who is addicting to betting (and losing)

2. a girl who cannot park her car straight

3. a girl who always manages to look really good despite lack of sleep
2. man, my girlfriend really pulled a landry when she pulled my car into the driveway
by littlepinto March 19, 2009

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