a word often used in place of more commonly used terms such as 'lump' and 'bump'. Not to be confused with stump or thumb.
Student 1: 'Look at Jen. She hasn't done any work all class.'

Student 2: 'I know shes been sitting there like a thump on a log.'
by Mrs. Murphy November 18, 2010
(verb) 1. When you kill someone with the 1960 M79 "Thumper" you say you thump them. (Makes it so it sounds dirty)
2. Can probably replace with fuck so its not too much volgarity
1st Defintion- I thumped two people and got a UAV. (pass tense)
I'm thumping everyone bading. (present)
Next round, I will thump everyone and win. (Future)
2nd Defintion- I thumped your mom last night. (not trying to affend just making the point)
by MrPerson55555 June 11, 2010
A subwoofer (the speaker in a stereo that creates all the low notes and vibration) according to Snoop Dogg
"It sounds so viciously when tha thump in tha trunk go bump bump bump"
Snoop Dogg - Snoop D-O-double-G
by agentsteve July 23, 2005
The message you get on the computer screen when you make an error, usually accompanied by a thump or a donk sound.
What the hell did I do wrong?! I keep on gettin' the damn thump! (After checking the keyboard) Oh, I see what the problem is: stuck "Caps Lock" key!
by pentozali April 10, 2008
(police) the physical force necessary to take a combative person into custody
"We had to thump that guy after he tried to spit on me." (transfer of bodily fluids is a felony FYI)
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
to vote. u get a thump when you agree and a thump-not when u dont
it originates from the shortened thumbs up to agree or vote in their favor
i give congressman Winny a thump for what he is saying
by stevando February 05, 2011
A euphemism for masturbation.
Step 1: Lose 30 pounds
Step 2: Get ripped
Step 3: Thump all day
by Christian Kustard February 04, 2011

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