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An Indian that lives in Chatsworth, Merebank or Phoenix part of Durban, South Africa. A Thumbie has a fake gold tooth, talks in a bad Indian accent, too much gel in their hair, has a skin complexion that is darker than midnight, goes to the beach and swims with boxer shorts, uses a lot of slang, uses Vans, Life, Echo clothing/footwear. Thumbies are also sometimes seen carrying a face cloth. They listen to 2pac or slow R&B music, drive small cars as if they are ferrari's, fight with anyone who bumps them by mistake, think they the shit when they actually just shit.
Normal Indian guy: "Look at that guy with the gold tooth".
Me: "Yeah, he is definately a Thumbie".
by Hazard17 May 07, 2013
Typically a dark skinned indian living in areas of South Africa such as Phoenix, Chatsworth and Westville. Thumbies typically wear Superga shoes with jeans or shorts and collared shirts. You can generally recognise a thumbie from the massive amounts of gel in his hair which is being shined on by the sun. Thumbies love the sport volleyball and are always ready for it (usually keeping their volleyball shorts underneath their school pants). A Thumbies family usually include gay/bi-sexual cousins. Or a mother that is never there. There may also be an alcoholic aunt who likes to drive over dogs.
White guy "Bru, do you see all the gel in that guys hair?"
Indian guy "Yeah, he's a thumbie man."
by 17283p September 13, 2014