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Bru means the same as bro but its a south african way of saying it..

or just taking the piss way of saying bro
Hows it going bro

Hows it going bru
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by robnib May 17, 2007
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Form of address, equivalent of dude.
A: "Bru, life is meaningless so I'm boozing it up at Navi's."
B: "Give it horns, bru."
by medium_rare November 18, 2003
Like bro/brah which stem from brother, bru or broo comes from the word "brood" meaning a family of offspring or young (or brothers).
A South African originated word.
You quit your job?
Ya bru, it was no good.
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by esutt September 02, 2007
A South African slang term for brother, originating from the Dutch breur; it is the equivalent to "bro" in the US, though it is not used as loosely.
He's been my bro since before I knew myself...

He's been my brü since before I knew myself...
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A United States Navy term for a Vagina.
Dude I want to get in her Brus.
#hole #slot #brus #puss #meat curtains
by Jennifer Simpson February 14, 2008
Colloquial term for a fellow human being who may be viewed as a best friend or mortal enemy depending on your level of intoxication. It is acceptable that both contexts of the word are used on the same person during the course of a night out.
How's it going brus? (Sit down, have a beer with me)
I love you brus (You're my best mate right now)
I'm gonna smash you brus! (You used to be my best mate but I'm about to knock you out with a few coonies to the head)
by Poinciana Woman September 12, 2005
Brus is a words used by college students to define a vagina.
Brus can be traced back to 1969 in San Francisco California. It has recently become popular in upstate New York and Canada.

Brus can also be someone who axe like a vagina.
Man Oh Man do I want to get in Mary's brus!
Please bitch give me some brus!

All a fellow needs is just some brus!
I could really go for some strange brus.
Watch out for that brus partner! It will burn you.
Stay away from the young brus!

No brus is worth a stint in the pen.
Bro's before brus!

Hey girl, your brus is showing.
Girl why you acting all stank? Is your brus sore or something?

He is such a Brus!

I love to mess with fat chicks, they are so quick to share the brus!

I met this big booty bitch last night, I got to suck her titty but I never saw the brus.

Brus was so small I could only fit the tip.

Daddy always used to say, only thing better than a brus is two brus.

Stay away from any brus with large meat curtains.

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