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Thrunge : the act of repeated insertion of any given object into any given bodily orifice, where the object being inserted is considerably larger than the orifice itself.

Origin : created and defined by musicians in Vienna.
Usually used as a threat, ie:
1. "Shut up, or I'll thrunge your anus with my Land-Rover"
2. "Stop being so ugly, or I'll thrunge your nostril with a baseball bat"

Also used as a definition for a sexual fetish, (although such use is rare) ie:
1. "I feel like thrunging my urethra with Michelangelo's David"
by ekul June 10, 2004
7 3
thrusting plunge. Mechanical or biological. Sex act.
He had her on his mind, he could only think of the thrunge tonight with her.
by Eric Donald September 17, 2007
1 3