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Thrunge : the act of repeated insertion of any given object into any given bodily orifice, where the object being inserted is considerably larger than the orifice itself.

Origin : created and defined by musicians in Vienna.
Usually used as a threat, ie:
1. "Shut up, or I'll thrunge your anus with my Land-Rover"
2. "Stop being so ugly, or I'll thrunge your nostril with a baseball bat"

Also used as a definition for a sexual fetish, (although such use is rare) ie:
1. "I feel like thrunging my urethra with Michelangelo's David"
by ekul June 10, 2004
thrusting plunge. Mechanical or biological. Sex act.
He had her on his mind, he could only think of the thrunge tonight with her.
by Eric Donald September 17, 2007
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