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Brolly-whopping : the act of inserting an umbrella into the anus, follwed by repeated opening and closing of the parasol.

The term can be used when speaking of beach parasols as well as umbrellas.

Origin : sexual fetish/punishment of German descent.
1. "I've just been brolly-whopped."
2. "This pornography movie would be vastly improved by the addition of a brolly-whopping scene."
3. "I fancy a brolly-whopping."

Can also be used as a threat, ie:
1. "Shut the hell up, lest I give you a brolly-whopping."
by ekul May 26, 2004
Thrunge : the act of repeated insertion of any given object into any given bodily orifice, where the object being inserted is considerably larger than the orifice itself.

Origin : created and defined by musicians in Vienna.
Usually used as a threat, ie:
1. "Shut up, or I'll thrunge your anus with my Land-Rover"
2. "Stop being so ugly, or I'll thrunge your nostril with a baseball bat"

Also used as a definition for a sexual fetish, (although such use is rare) ie:
1. "I feel like thrunging my urethra with Michelangelo's David"
by ekul June 10, 2004
Slunce : profoundly bad diarrhoea. Usually reminiscent of a waterfall and/or volcanic explosion.

Causes : very hot curry, polluted water, etc.

Treatment : much wiping usually required. Advisable to drink lots of water.
1. "I ate a vindaloo last night, and filled the bog with slunce this morning."

Can also be used as an insult, ie:
1. "Your face is about as attractive as a bucket of slunce."
2. "This food tastes/looks like slunce."
3. "Your essay is utter slunce."
by ekul May 26, 2004
Zubys : (pronounced as if it were spelled "zubbies") breasts, boobies, titties, etc. Can be used to talk of female breasts as well as the less common appearance of breasts on fat, greasy males, better known as "man-boobs".

Origin : Eastern European street name, re-defined by touring musicians.
1. "Goodness, what large Zubys that girl has."
2. "That chap ought to stop guzzling donner kebabs, otherwise he'll grow a ripe set of Zubys."
by ekul June 10, 2004
A metaphor for the genitals of a female pensioner. Derived from the fact that in the case of both the pork pie and the pensioner's minge, one must wipe off the crust and lick out the jelly before one reaches the meat.
1. 'She looked young, but when we got down to business she surprised me with her Pork Pie'.

2. 'The crust on her Pork Pie was so thick that I needed sandpaper to wipe it off, and then there was enough jelly to fill three tins of dog food... then, to top it off, when we finally got down to it, she was so saggy that the effect was akin to throwing a sausage down a hallway'.
by ekul October 26, 2005
Brnstig : (pronounced as if it were spelled "brunshtig") backside, the buttocks, the bumcheeks, the chuddies, arse etc. Generally considered one of the more offensive definitions for the buttocks, given its extreme lack of vowels.

Origin : Eastern European street name, re-defined by touring musicians.
1. "Kiss my Brnstig"
2. "That girl's Brnstig is so large that it's pratically overflowing from her underpants"
3. "Get ready for me to thrunge your Brnstig with a lamp-post, in preparation for a good old Croach."
by ekul June 10, 2004
The term used to describe the hideous, vaginal bulge often spotted in obese and older women. A McGregor is particularly noticeable in tight trousers; "dustbin bag full of yoghurt" is a good metaphor for this phenomenon.

The McGregor often conceals a pork pie.
"I would have shagged her, but I was worried that her wobbling McGregor might crush my cock completely."

"If you continue eating at such a rate, you'll soon find a monster McGregor stretching the seems of your underwear."
by ekul November 11, 2007

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