fucked up
if you drink a bottle of everclear, yo ass gon be throwed, then you gon be a dead azz muthafucka fool
by fartsniffer May 25, 2002
looking really wrecked after hooking up with a guy in any facility
NO. You are not coming to my house after fucking clay looking all throwed and shit.
by omnomnomomnomnom July 11, 2011
Drunk, and high at the same time.
I was so throwed after 7 shots, and 4 bowls of dro.
by Joe July 16, 2004
Correct term: To be high off a combonation of painkillers(codiene,oxy contin, percocet, morphine) and weed or/ alcohol, but can be used to say somethin is cool, or tight. Comes from Houston.
Maynne these oxy contins got me right throwed.
by diamondsnmahmouth May 20, 2008
someone who looks rough from the previous night or just doesn't look swell in general
"That outfit is throwed."
by ajar September 15, 2007
thowed,thoed,throwd; 1. a magnificent noun. a person, place, or an object pleasing to the eye;
2. intoxicated, high. 3. lack of style, see hud.
1. The club was throwed tonight.
2. He was too throwed to notice his draws around his ankles.
3. It was so embaressing to see her wear those throwed ass ceconies.
by nina 2thowed October 17, 2003
coolin, wildin' out, clownin' around. Drunk, fly. What you are saying is fye
I'm throwed off the brain.
Boy you throwed for that one.
by Fareal October 16, 2006
one who is shit crunk also can be called THOED
Seein that flip flop paint and Jordans
(23"s) on that throwback whip (old car) was super THOED!!!

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