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1. Another form of the world renown F word.
2. Complete confusion
3. Express disgust
4. Inserted into sentences to allowing emphasis
5. Describe sexual intercourse.
1. "THOCK!"
2. "I feel throcked"
3. "I just got throcked"
4. "I'll throck you right up"
5. "I throcked the hottest chick last night"
by rollysize14 October 07, 2011
A subtle combinated of the words "thrilled" and "shocked". especially used as a sarcastic term. also linked with "crump". "to crap and jump" see "Thrump"
Guy 1 "i got a new hairdo yesterday!"
Guy 2 "wow... i'm throcked!"


Guy 1 "BOO!"
Guy 2 "Holy Shit! i think i just Thrumped myself!
by mattandrewlawlesssamuel June 12, 2008
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