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A woman that can be fucked in 3 holes (i.e. the ass, mouth, and pussy)
Hey check out that Three-holer! She's fuckin' HOT!
by metalhead666 February 19, 2007
A Woman who utalises all three Orifaces provided by nature during the act of Sexual Congress.
The ultimate is to start at the bottom (pun) and complete the mission at the top. Alternativly Vis-Versa.
She was a genuine "Three Holer" and I was able to discharge in every one.
"Orifaces" can be Mouth, Vagina, Rectum. Does not usually include Ears.
gob Pussy Bum
by PEP1 April 22, 2009
when a girl is fucked both up the ass, in the pussy, and down her throat at the same time.
after cindy was done with the three-holer, she took some antibiotics.
by candice April 05, 2004
A female, having three opening between her legs as opposed to a two holed male.
A way to sign to your friends of a good looking three holer, is to make the OK sign with your thumb and index finger, and then have your other three fingers spread out. It is a non-verbal way of saying, check out the three holer I'm standing next to.
"That ain't no dude, that's a three holer!"
by Mike St. Pierre September 15, 2006
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