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A woman that can be fucked in 3 holes (i.e. the ass, mouth, and pussy)
Hey check out that Three-holer! She's fuckin' HOT!
by metalhead666 February 19, 2007
A woman that gets excessively wet upon sexual arousal and/or orgasm.
Guy 1: Jen is a fucking creamer!!!
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: We fucked last night, and her juices got all over my sheets! She was so turned on, man.
by metalhead666 June 14, 2012
Short for "joint herpes," which is herpes that you get from sharing a joint or a blunt.
Don't share joints/blunts unless you wanna get jerpes.

Dude. Jesse gave me jerpes.
by metalhead666 September 18, 2009
The term "snow bunny" is often used for a white female who enjoys fucking black guys. However, this doesn't necessarily mean she ONLY fucks black guys.
Kyle: Ye dawg I hear she's a fucking snow bunny! I'm sure you'd be able to tap that no problemo, bro!

Jamone: You really think so dawg?

Kyle: Fashooooo. She got some ass too!

Jamone: I know I seen it! A snowbunny with ass... Fuck yeah, man. Ima tap that shit!
by metalhead666 August 12, 2010

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