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An internet DIY show starring Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh, showing you how to make awesome DIY things. They make weekly videos and host contests for sewing machines and also feature a show, decor it yourself, starring Meg Allan.
To learn more about Threadbanger...

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by Kendra is The Bird August 25, 2008
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A YouTube channel starring Rob Czar and Corrine Leigh, they post videos randomly doing Pinterest Tests, Food, and just weird shit all together. Rob is sloppy in his videos and never manages to not hurt himself or fuck everything up, Corrine actually reads the instructions so she doesn't look like a complete tool bag
"Hey man I just watched the new ThreadBanger video"
"Oh, really! Was it Rob or Corrine?'
"*sigh* How much blood was there?''
''Lots man, lots.'
by AsrielDreemurr December 08, 2016
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