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To "thrape" is to drive your vehicle (car or motorbike) very hard and very fast having loads of fun doing it
I thraped the bollox off it up the motorway.
by HamishC August 29, 2006
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I thraped the shit out of that girl after she made me sit through an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.
by Disney99 August 13, 2010
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throat-rape, the action of one being raped in the throat.
taking the penis into the throat region unwillingly, very unfresh

the latin rapere meaning rape and gutturo meaning throat

thrapee - is the victim of a rancid thrape attack
thraper - someone who thrapes
thraping- the act of thrape in the present tense
i'm the perfect height to be thraped by vince vaughn

girl one: jesus my neck hurts...
girl two: have you been thraped per chance?
girl one: i dont think so, i was really drunk last night though

nothing like a thraping in the summer sun

guy 1: i feel like some thrape
guy 2: dude you cant say that, thats really fucked up
guy 1: whatever, when i need to thrape, i will thrape
by chalise June 08, 2009
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thrape is to wank in a back hand motion
David stop thraping
by BLAKEY April 09, 2004
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verb, to thrape someone. Thrape is the act of simultaneous throttle and rape.
Concerning thrape there is debate as to the official "thrape mark", as this could mean either hand marks around the neck or a puddle of semen, generally localised to the lower back although the mark is not considered location specific, see also: Rape, throttle and Alex teager
Alex Teager is a 'thrapist'

"i have just been thraped in a lift."
by Dino and Wallace October 10, 2009
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