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Abridged variant of the word "thousand". Almost exclusively used when connoting monetary value.
Skizzlebips von Hoarscunt says:
I'll fondle yo bag o' elephant skin for a couple thou
Dinklebeard says:
Go right ahead lovely lady, a few grand won't even put a dent in my bank account
by Frank the Disabled Seahorse September 14, 2010
An incorrect chatspeak misspelling of the word though or "although"... the correct misspelling would be tho.
chatspeak makes me look uneducated, thou misspelling it makes me look unpopular as well.
by jonzim November 16, 2010
Machine Tool Operator Tech Speak for "Thousandths of an Inch" (.001").
The hole needs to be 150 thou deep plus or minus 10 thou.
by Bob December 29, 2003
late eighties word meaning "lots of". still used in small areas of west suburban boston.(origin;thousands)
we drank thou beers at the bash last night
by mopster August 24, 2003